Cambridge 2000: Marleigh Avenue: 213-235

Description: Marleigh Avenue: 213-235
Date built: 2020-2021
Architect: Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects
Marleigh Avenue: 213-235 (Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects) map for Marleigh Avenue: 213-235
Date photograph taken: 16 Jun 2021 (Alternative map: Google map)

The Marshall family owned a huge amount of land including and surrounding Cambridge airport, all of which is slowly being converted to housing. The first housing, of which this is an example, is located on what was greenbelt land.

The houses are typical for the era, and also, typically, have small gardens. Bizarrely, in this case the houses on the parallel road at the back have no garden, so the gardens for the houses in the photo go right up to the neighbouring house, something which is bound to cause problems.

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