Cambridge 2000: central area: looking northwest

Aerial Photos: 9 September 2000: central area: looking northwest

This is a view of the central part of Cambridge. The most prominent building is King's College Chapel in the left middle of the photo, and, to the right of that, Trinity College Wren Library, and further to the right of that St John's College Chapel. The church near the middle right of the photo is All Saints, while the church at the bottom left is the Catholic Church. The large brown building at the middle left is the University Library, with Robinson College just behind. The lawn area at the bottom of the photo is Fenner's Cricket Ground and the larger lawn area just above that is Parker's Piece. In between the two is the Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall and the Parkside Pools. At the top left of Parker's Piece is the University Arms Hotel. Getting towards the top at the left of the photo is the white Schlumberger Research Centre and the white tower just above the middle of the photo is part of the Churchill College Møller Centre. The cluster of buildings almost at the bottom right is Anglia Ruskin University, and below that can be seen the Mill Road Cemetery. The road heading out at the top left is Huntingdon Road which then becomes the A14 (once a Roman road, so dead straight). The large red building complex on the road near the top right is Girton College.

9 September 2000: central area: looking northwest