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Tiffany Census

St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

Note: the text in the square brackets ([...]) are a short form of references which have been used to deduce the corresponding information.
The meaning of the site and item attributes is explained in the glossary.

Site Id: 33.9.1
Rating: Nothing
Address: Corner of N. Mill Street and Church Street
Location: Birdsboro, Pennsylvania 19508, USA
Lat/Lng: 40.26507, -75.80689
Tiffany 1910: Not listed
Duncan 1980: Page 219
Tiffany 1897: Not listed
Tiffany 1893: Listed
Tiffany 1886: Listed
Tiffany/Duncan comment: Duncan 1980 lists the site but without listing any items [DUNC1980]
Completeness: High
Building status: Extant
Building date: 1853 [NRHP1981]; 1885 [NRHP1981]
Architect: George Brooke [NRHP1981]; Furness and Evans [NRHP1981]
Comment: The congregation vacated the site in 2002 [WIKI]
Also of interest:

Site Items Brooke Memorial Window: angel and two women (1887) (Removed) item has a photo


You can click on the photo to get the full sized image.
Brooke Memorial Window:  angel and two women
Glossary (of terms) and References (as found in square brackets [...])

Status: Removed [ORG_NEW]
Confidence: Medium
Memorial name: Brooke Memorial Window
Description: angel and two women [HIST1951]
Tiffany 1910: Not listed
Duncan 1980: Not listed
Tiffany 1897: Not listed
Signature: signed [ORG_NEW]
Other documentation:
Designer: attributed to Jacob Adolphus Holzer [ORG_NEW]
Memorial details: Edward Brooke (28 Feb 1816 - 25 Dec 1878) [HIST1951, FINDAGRAVE]
Donor: his wife, Annie Moore Clymer Brooke (later McKim) [HIST1951, FINDAGRAVE]
Date: Installed Sep 1887 [HIST1951]
Lancets: 1 [PHOTO]
Inscription: JESUS / CHRIST / THE SAME / YESTERDAY / TODAY / AND / FOREVER // PEACE / ON / EARTH / GOODWILL / TO / MEN // To the Praise and Honor of God and in Memory of my husband, Edward Brooke, who died on Christmas Day, 1878 [PHOTO, HIST1951]
Location: over altar [HIST1951, PHOTO]
History: Window was originally placed in the transept but moved to the chancel in 1892 [HIST1951]
Window removed from the building Jan 2003 [WIKI]
Purchased by the Smith Museum, Chicago, in ca. 2004 [ORG_NEW]


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FINDAGRAVE: Findagrave.com, for deducing biographical or genealogical information
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NRHP1981: National Register of Historic Places (1981)
ORG_NEW: Organization that is new owner
PHOTO: Photo of item
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WIKI: Wikipedia

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