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Grand Avenue Congregational Church, New Haven, Connecticut

Note: the text in the square brackets ([...]) are a short form of references which have been used to deduce the corresponding information.
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Site Id: 8.23.2
Rating: Unrated
Address: 155 Grand Avenue
Location: New Haven, Connecticut 06513, USA
Lat/Lng: 41.30969, -72.89346
Tiffany 1910: Page 45
Duncan 1980: Page 209
Tiffany 1897: Not listed
Tiffany 1893: Not listed
Tiffany 1886: Not listed
Completeness: Medium
Building status: Extant
Building date: 1853 (modified 1878) [GUIDE2007]
Architect: Henry Austin [GUIDE2007]
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Site Items Hart Memorial Window: Come Unto Me (1907) (Unknown)


Glossary (of terms) and References (as found in square brackets [...])

Status: Unknown
Confidence: High
Memorial name: Hart Memorial Window (Perkins Memorial Window)
Theme: Come Unto Me [TIFF1910, DUNC1980]
Tiffany 1910: Page 45
Duncan 1980: Page 209
Tiffany 1897: Not listed
Other documentation: [NHMJC1906, CONG1906, NHMJC1907, CONG1907]
Record type: window
Memorial details: Dr. Burdett Hart (16 Nov 1821 - 24 May 1906) and his wife Rebecca Wheelock Fiske Hart (22 Feb 1823 - 25 Nov 1892) [NHMJC1906, CONG1906, NHMJC1907, CONG1907, FINDAGRAVE, HART1892]
Donor: their daughters, Minerva Lee Hart (Mrs. Samuel) Hemingway and Mary Arabelle Hart (Mrs. Abraham Robinson) Perkins [NHMJC1906, CONG1906, NHMJC1907, CONG1907, NHER1893, YALE1942]
Date: Unveiled 21 Feb 1907 [NHMJC1907]
Lancets: 1 [CONG1907]
Inscription: In loving memory of / 1821 - Rev. Burdett Hart, D.D. - 1906 / and his wife, / 1823 - Rebecca W. Hart - 1902 / Who together for thirty years / Ministered to this Church. [NHMJC1907]
Category: Christ
Cost: at least $1500 [NHMJC1906]
After design: Painting by Heinrich Hofmann [NHMJC1907, CONG1907]
Tiffany/Duncan comment: Tiffany 1910 calls this the Perkins Memorial Window because Mrs. Perkins was one of the donors and likely the person who organised the window with the Tiffany company [TIFF1910, DUNC1980, DEDUCED]


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