David and Helen Maitland Armstrong Census

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This is a project to create a census of David and Helen Maitland Armstrong "stained glass" windows, mosaics and other glass-related items, which are located in what could be considered to be publicly viewable buildings, mainly churches. This includes sites that no longer have any items. The information is available in various ways:

The main sources for the compilation are the 1999 book, "D. Maitland Armstrong: American Stained Glass Master" by Robert O. Jones, and newspaper articles, in particular http://fultonhistory.com/ for New York state.

Current count: number of sites = 77, number of items = 167, number of item photos = 60.

Project last updated: Tue Aug 9 22:07:57 2022.

If anybody has information to add or correct then please email info[at]cambridge2000.com (replace "[at]" with "@").