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Date published: 2012/03/11

The Cambridge News says:

Rural campaigner Robin Page has called for a referendum over the development of South Cambridgeshire.

The former presenter of One Man and His Dog, who is chairman of the Barton-based Countryside Restoration Trust, has asked Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, for the poll.

Mr Page said development in the area was "totally unsustainable economically, socially and environmentally".

He added: "The Government boasts that its Localism Bill gives power back to local communities.

"If that is really the case, give the people of South Cambridgeshire a vote, a referendum, on the mayhem that is being imposed on them.

"The green belt is being violated, the quality of life for thousands of people is being destroyed, and the proposed developments of Trumpington Meadows, Hauxton and Northstowe have nothing to do with local need or affordable housing.

"They are being done to meet Government targets - top down Government - the exact opposite of what the Government claims to be doing."

Page is a typical hypocritical NIMBY. It is ok for him to live in low density South Cambs, but it is evidently not ok for anyone else to be allowed in. The Tory government has already unfortunately indicated that it will allow "local" people somehow to decide (possibly just via councils) what development is allowed. This will mean that, surprise, rich people like Page will indeed be able to keep ordinary people out of their rural area, all the while insisting that their life style be subsidised by urban people. The developments that Page is complaining about were already approved under the previous government and it would be stupid beyond belief to stop them in their tracks now. Indeed, the development of Trumpington Meadows has already started. No doubt people like Page will be able to stop future developments in South Cambs, as long as the Tory government continues in its current guise, where rich NIMBYs are allowed to completely control the planning system, even more than they currently do.

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