Cambridge Snow Photographs: February 2009

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A few inches of snow fell in Cambridge starting late afternoon on 1 February 2009 and continuing through much of 2 February. The university was in term, but the snow sculpture was not as good as usual, perhaps because it was the "wrong sort of snow". The public transport (trains, buses and airplanes) was badly affected, so many people did not go to work and the traffic on the roads was fairly quiet.

The next day, 3 February, it was bright and sunny so even though temperatures were not much above freezing, most of the snow had melted by the end of the day, except in less open areas and on little used pavements (sidewalks).

Early in the morning of 5 February another inch or two of slushy snow fell. Again, transport was affected, but not so much. There were hardly any new snow sculptures made, perhaps because the snow was so wet, perhaps because everyone had had enough the first time around.

Some more slushy snow fell the morning of 6 February, but mostly melted almost as soon as it landed.

It was fairly cold so there were still a few odd snow patches on shaded ground the following week. And before it could all clear, the night of 12 February another inch or so of snow fell.

Photographs taken 2-8 February 2009, listed in chronological order, with image size 800 x 600: