Cambridge Snow Photographs: December 2009

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Around six inches (15 cm) of snow fell in Cambridge starting the evening of 17 December 2009. The university was not in term and the snow had stopped by the morning, so although the morning rush hour was slow on 18 December, it was not really that bad in comparison to what might have been expected with that amount of snow.

The sun was shining most of the morning of the 18th, but it was cold enough that the snow mostly did not melt, even on many trees. At lunchtime it clouded over, with a few more snowflakes appearing. Another dusting of snow occurred the night of the 19th.

The snow sculpture was fairly lacking, and what there was on the whole was not that good.

Cold weather meant that the snow was still around on Christmas Day, but not long after that. The local council did not bother gritting most streets or any pavements so for much of the duration of the snow, treacherous icy conditions prevailed, even on King's Parade.

Photographs taken 18 December 2009, listed in chronological order, with image size 800 x 600: