Cambridge Snow Photographs: December 2010

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December 2010 will go down in the history books as a cold month in the UK. In Cambridge there were several days where it did not get above freezing and many more when it barely got above freezing.

Much of the UK received a lot of snow, but Cambridge hardly got any. The first dusting was at the end of November, but that quickly disappeared. However, the conditions on the night of 6 December were such that everything was coated in a severe, spiky, frost the next morning.

Then in the late afternoon of 18 December around two inches (5 cm) of snow fell in Cambridge. The university was not in term and it was a Saturday, so there was no great problem with local traffic.

The snow sculpture was fairly lacking, not only because of the small amount of snow, and the lack of university students, but also because it was cold enough that the snow was powdery.

A large amount of rain fell the night of 27 December and that melted most of the remaining snow.

Photographs taken 7 and 18-20 December 2010, listed in chronological order, with image size 800 x 600: