Cambridge Snow Photographs: January 2013

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The second week of January, 2013, was fairly mild but it turned cold and the first snow arrived in Cambridge the night of 13/14 January. This was fairly minimal and, although it did not get much above freezing, the snow mostly melted. A more substantive snow fall happened during the day of 20 January, accumulating around 3 inches (7 or 8 cm), mostly during the afternoon and evening. It was a Sunday so there was no panic on the roads from people trying to get home from work.

The weather remained cold and with hardly any wind so the snow remained on the trees until Wednesday the 23rd. The cold spell was finally ended at the weekend and most of the snow melted by Sunday the 27th.

Photographs taken 20 - 22 January, 2013, listed in chronological order, with image size 800 x 600: