Cambridge 2000: Trinity College: The Avenue

Description: Trinity College: The Avenue
Trinity College: The Avenue map for Trinity College: The Avenue
Date photograph taken: 26 Feb 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

The Avenue connects Queen's Road with the main buildings of Trinity College. Walking up this at dusk, when it is quiet, is very pleasant. Unfortunately, in more recent years, the Avenue is often full of parked cars, especially during the day.

The main row of trees are Large-leaved Lime (Large-leaved Linden, Tilia platyphyllos). These were planted in 1948, after a previous row of the trees, planted in 1671-1672, had come to the end of their life.

There is an outer row of trees, which are Wild Cherry (Prunus avium'Plena'). These were planted in 1987, after a previous set, planted in 1929, were cut down (those had replaced a row of Plane trees).

In addition to the trees, the Avenue is also known for its annual display of flowers, first of Crocus (as seen in the photo), and then later of Daffodil and Tulip.

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