Cambridge 2000: Pembroke College: Foundress Court

Description: Pembroke College: Foundress Court
Date built: 1997
Architect: Eric Parry Architects
Pembroke College: Foundress Court (Eric Parry Architects) map for Pembroke College: Foundress Court
Date photograph taken: 05 Apr 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

An imaginative building for Cambridge, it could be Japanese and was partly funded by Japanese money, and indeed there is a meeting room inside which looks like it could be a Japanese boardroom.

The other side of the building has a wonderful sundial.

The existing Master's Lodge was knocked down to make way for this building, that had a splendid driveway and garden and was built in 1932-1933 (architect M. Webb). There is a new Master's Lodge at the western end of this building. Fortunately the beautiful line of plane trees (Platanus) nearby was left alone, one of these trees can just be seen in the photo.

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