Cambridge 2000: Queen Edith's Way: 23 (Sun House)

Description: Queen Edith's Way: 23 (Sun House)
Date built: 1938-1939
Architect: Mullett and Denton Smith
Queen Edith's Way: 23 (Sun House) (Mullett and Denton Smith) map for Queen Edith's Way: 23 (Sun House)
Date photograph taken: 07 Apr 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

Built at the same time as many of the houses on Conduit Head Road, this is much more interesting, it is good that at least someone had the courage of their convictions. The house was built for William and Constance Cairns, and the house was designed by W.A. Cairns, the brother of William. William died before 2000 and Constance lived here until her death in 2004. The house was then put on the market in 2006 for an asking price of 1 million pounds (around 1.5 million Euros), later reduced to 825000 pounds (around 1.2 million Euros). The house was sold in early 2007 for 855000 pounds (around 1.25 million Euros).

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