Cambridge 2000: Park Parade: 1-2

Description: Park Parade: 1-2: two houses
Date built: c1890
Park Parade: 1-2 map for Park Parade: 1-2
Date photograph taken: 06 May 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

Park Parade has two rows of terraces with splendid views over Jesus Green, hence desirable to many (but with small gardens).

The house on the left actually has its entrance around the corner on Lower Park Street (and the house at the other end of the terrace similarly). This looks odd from the front but apparently makes the layout inside better.

In 2000 this house had a wonderful wisteria situated around the corner, but that was cut down in 2006.

In 2011-2012, the house had a major refurbishment, architect Mole Architects.

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