Cambridge 2000: Trinity College: King's Hall

Description: Trinity College: King's Hall
Date built: 1375-1425
Trinity College: King's Hall map for Trinity College: King's Hall
Date photograph taken: 08 Jun 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

The oldest part of Trinity, but altered over the years. Trinity Chapel can just be seen over the roof. To the left is St John's College over a very tall brick wall, with many climbing roses (Rosaceae), to the right is an even taller beech (Fagus) hedge.

The green is used for (a peculiarly Cambridge version of) bowling most days after lunch by a handful of Fellows (senior members) of the college.

The entrance is locked so this is not a well known view of the college.

The rooms overlooking the green are some of the most desirable in college and are occupied by the most long-standing of the Fellows residing in college.

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