Cambridge 2000: Orchard Park

Description: Orchard Park
Orchard Park map for Orchard Park
Date photograph taken: 01 May 2010 (Alternative map: Google map)

Ten years on, the large plot that was once a field is now the Orchard Park estate. In the foreground is a football pitch, with a basketball court just to the left of the photo. Behind the pitch is the Orchard Park Community Primary School and beyond that some of the hundreds of homes that have been built on the site, with some more to come. The school has a 15 m high, 6 kw maximum, vertical wind turbine that can be seen in the photo, at the edge of its playing field, that was installed in 2009 under the pretence that this is somehow environmentally friendly.

It is impressive that so much could change in just ten years, because this estate was not even on the horizon until 2000. On the other hand, the local government did not do enough to ensure that the development was carried out to a high standard, and there are also no supermarkets or other stores of any size either on the site or nearby, which is poor urban design.

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