Cambridge 2000: Parkside: 35

Description: Parkside: 35
Date built: 2009-2011
Architect: Barber Casanovas Ruffles
Parkside: 35 (Barber Casanovas Ruffles) map for Parkside: 35
Date photograph taken: 01 Jan 2012 (Alternative map: Google map)

35 Parkside, in common with neighbouring buildings, was originally a private house, and then in the 20th century it was converted to be commercial premises, when that was more profitable. In the first part of the 21st century it then became more profitable to convert these buildings back into residential use, but into flats rather than a single house.

In this case, the original building (to the left of the photo) was slightly extended and converted into seven flats, and five flats in new buildings were then added on what originally would have been the garden, but prior to this development was a parking lot.

These new flats are suitably stylish, but as can be seen, there is no garden space left, and the gates for the block on the right interferes, when open, with the carport for the block on the left. This configuration of parking works at all because there is access from Warkworth Terrace down a back alley, which was presumably key to making this development feasible.

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