Cambridge 2000: Purbeck Road: Plurabelle Books

Description: Purbeck Road: Plurabelle Books
Date built: c1940
Purbeck Road: Plurabelle Books map for Purbeck Road: Plurabelle Books
Date photograph taken: 06 May 2013 (Alternative map: Google map)

There are very few industrial areas in Cambridge, and what there is, is pretty small scale. This cheap and not so cheerful building was located in an area at the end of Purbeck Road next to the railway line. The entire site was very low rise and even included a large amount of open space, and so with pressure on land use, it was always likely that the entire site would be re-developed at a much higher density. At the date of the photo, the building was occupied by a used book warehouse.

The site was bought by Homerton College in 2011 and re-development of the site started in 2014, at which time this building was demolished.

The site then became the location for Abbey College.

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