Cambridge 2000: Royal Way

Description: Royal Way
Date built: 2011-2013
Architect: Proctor and Matthews
Royal Way (Proctor and Matthews) map for Royal Way
Date photograph taken: 06 May 2013 (Alternative map: Google map)

Two houses, part of the first tranche of buildings finished on the Clay Farm site, called Great Kneighton by the developer, located in the south of the city. The constraints of modern housing development mean high density, so there is little garden space and the buildings are three storeys, which are more difficult to maintain than two storey ones. Given these constraints, this is about as good as modern housing in Cambridge gets, and was done by the same developer, Countryside Properties, as for the award winning Accordia site (but with different architects). This specific house motif is repeated throughout the site, and in particular there will be a duplicate pair built to the left of this one.

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