Cambridge 2000: Seaby's Yard: 1-3

Description: Seaby's Yard: 1-3
Date built: 2012-2013
Architect: Haysom Ward Miller
Seaby's Yard: 1-3 (Haysom Ward Miller) map for Seaby's Yard: 1-3
Date photograph taken: 27 Apr 2014 (Alternative map: Google map)

A row of garages was located here, but obviously the land was far more valuable for housing. There are four terrace houses, with the southern three shown in the photo and the fourth behind at the left.

These three have the same house layout, and with modest gardens, decreasing in size from right to left. The fourth house was built with a different layout in order to squeeze it onto the site.

As with most modern housing in Cambridge, the buildings are three storeys high, but here at least the top floor is relatively easy to reach, and hence maintain.

The main problem for the site was access. The narrow alleyway to get into the site lies between 78 and 82 Richmond Road, and a commercial workshop located behind number 82 was demolished to provide garden and parking spaces for that house.

The even narrower alleyway out of the site lies between 90 and 94 Richmond Road. It would not be easy to get a fire engine in or out. But money talks, and the four houses together were valued at over 2.5 million pounds in total.

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