Cambridge 2000: Newmarket Road: micro-homes

Description: Newmarket Road: micro-homes
Date built: 2020
Architect: Corporate Architecture
Newmarket Road: micro-homes (Corporate Architecture) map for Newmarket Road: micro-homes
Date photograph taken: 18 Jun 2020 (Alternative map: Google map)

These six micro-homes were constructed on land at the front of the Christ the Redeemer Church. Five of the units are for homeless people, intended as a stepping stone to a more permanent home, and the sixth is for a warden. They are each only about 25 square meters in area, much smaller than the recommended city policy of 37 square meters. But it makes sense for the purpose at hand.

Later in 2020, on another site, a second set of micro-homes was built, and in 2021, on other sites, a third and a fourth.

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