Cambridge 2000: Hills Avenue: Keelson, 8A

Description: Hills Avenue: Keelson, 8A
Date built: 1960-1961
Architect: Erik Sørensen
Hills Avenue: Keelson, 8A (Erik Sorensen) map for Hills Avenue: Keelson, 8A
Date photograph taken: 13 Jan 2003 (Alternative map: Google map)

A classic house from its era. There are two blocks with south-facing glass façades, the northern one (partly shown in the left half of the photo) containing the kitchen and dining room and the southern one containing the master bedroom and living area. These are connected by a corridor with further bedrooms off that (partly shown in the right half of the photo), all surrounding an inner, private, courtyard.

The client and owner, Olga Kennard, was the founder of the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre.

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