Cambridge 2000: Lansdowne Road: 12

Description: Lansdowne Road: 12
Date built: 1961-1968
Architect: Justin Blanco White and David Croghan
Lansdowne Road: 12 (Justin Blanco White and David Croghan) map for Lansdowne Road: 12
Date photograph taken: 26 Oct 2002 (Alternative map: Google map)

In 1958 the owner, Pat Merton, a physiologist, purchased the building plot and liked the style of the neighbouring Shawms, so he decided he wanted the same architect, Justin Blanco White, to design his house, but since she was by then living in Edinburgh she enlisted the help of Cambridge architect David Croghan. It turned out that Merton had his own ideas about how to proceed and ended up doing much of the design and build work himself, with help from family and friends. And the layout itself seems to have been inspired more by an open-plan house he had visited in California than by Shawms.

Nobody else ever occupied this house. It was demolished in 2003 as part of the condition of sale to new owners, who decided to replace it with a new house designed by Donald Insall Associates.

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