Cambridge 2000: introduction


The Cambridge 2000 project is an attempt to document buildings, and other scenes of interest, mainly in but also around Cambridge, England that existed in the year 2000.

Afterwards it was decided to also add new photographs post-2000, mostly of buildings constructed after 2000, but also adding some important older buildings that had been missed in 2000.

Cambridge is fortunate in having an old university, and most of the buildings in Cambridge of national importance are university, or college, buildings.

This project is interested in documenting both university and non-university architecture, with the latter including both residential and commercial buildings. Outside the university the city of Cambridge has never been a rich town, until relatively recently, and so there have not been that many non-university buildings worth noting. It is still the case that most of the worthy residential buildings were originally built for academics, even if they are now occupied by non-academics.

Each picture has a (generally) short commentary. The pictures are sorted in various ways, to make navigation easier. There is also a map for each picture to show its location.

Where known (to the author) building dates and architects are given. Of course there is prior work on Cambridge, which provided many of the building dates and architects. This project itself is not an attempt to be 100 percent historically perfect and there are bound to be mistakes and serious omissions. The purpose is rather to give the flavour of life in Cambridge in and past the year 2000 by a look at its architecture.