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This is a project to create a census of Tiffany "stained glass" windows, mosaics and other glass-related items, which are located in what could be considered to be publicly viewable buildings, mainly churches. This includes sites that no longer have any items. The information is available in various ways:

The main sources for the compilation are Tiffany publications: Tiffany compilations in 1897 and 1910 providing a concise list of Tiffany windows and some other items, and earlier 1886 and 1893 compilations providing a list of Tiffany sites. Alastair Duncan published an edited version of Tiffany's 1910 list in the appendix of his 1980 book, "Tiffany Windows". Newspaper articles are another important source, in particular for New York state.

The initial release was in January 2015, with sites in Manhattan, (most of) Brooklyn, and a small part of the rest of New York state. This covered over a tenth of the total sites. The entire New York state, with over a quarter of the total sites, was finished in April 2015. Alabama through Maryland were finished in September 2015, giving a total of over half the sites. The rest was finished in August 2016. The census has been edited since then with new information.

Current count: number of sites = 1526, number of items = 3848, number of item photos = 2352, number of signature photos = 546.

Project last updated: Sun Dec 3 14:42:19 2023.

If anybody has information to add or correct then please email info[at] (replace "[at]" with "@").

Return of the Soul, 1911, Tompkins Memorial Chapel, Utica, NY
Return of the Soul