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David and Helen Maitland Armstrong Census


Site Glossary

Building status: The status of the site: "Extant" (building still exists), "Not identified" (site not identified), "Demolished" (building demolished purposefully), "Destroyed" (building destroyed, e.g. by fire), "No more" (building demolished or destroyed, and not known which), "Unknown" (site status unknown).
Completeness: The completeness of the information about items at the site. The most important information for an item is taken to be the theme, the date, who it is in memory of, and who donated it. The completeness value assumes there are no additional unknown items for the site, and there might be.
Restoration: Restoration information for the items at the site.
Lat/Lng: The latitude and longitude of the site.
Architect: The architect(s) for the site.
Building date: The building date(s) for the site.
Other name(s): Other name(s) for the site during its history.
Location: The city/town, region and country of the site.
Rating: A (subjective) rating of a site: 3, 2, 1, 0 (3 the highest) or "Unrated" (not enough is known about the items at the site) or "Nothing" (there is nothing currently at the site). Ratings might change as more information becomes available.
Address: The street address of the site.
Site Id: A unique code specifying the site (normally a single building). It is of the form x.y.z, where x is the region (usually the state), y is the city/town, and z is the site in the city/town. These (normally) follow the order in Tiffany Studios 1910 publication, with additions as required.
Comment: Any extra comments about the site.

Item Glossary

Status: The status of the item: "Extant" (item still exists in site), "Removed" (item has been removed from site), "Demolished" (item has been demolished purposefully), "Destroyed" (item has been destroyed, e.g. by fire), "Unknown" (status not known).
Memorial name: The memorial name for the item.
Theme: The theme for the item.
Description: A description of the item.
Signature: Whether there is a signature on the item.
Documentation: Documentation that item is by firm, including any claim by organisation. Non-primary claims included only if no primary claim.
Designer: The designer(s) of the item.
Designer comment: Comment about the designer(s)
Memorial details: Who the item is in memory of.
Donor: Who the donor is for the item.
Date: The date for the item. If known this is taken to be the dedication or unveiling date, otherwise the installation date, otherwise the construction date. Usually these dates are within a few months or a year of each other but in some cases could be longer.
Size: The size of the item.
Lancets: The number of lancets (for windows).
Inscription: The inscription on the item.
Category: Category or categories of the item.
Location: The location in the site of the item.
Cost: The cost of the item (when made).
History: Any history of the item having been moved.
After design: Whether design is after some painting or other art work.
Restoration: Restoration information for the item.
Employees: Any employees involved with the installation of the item.
Comment: Any extra comments about the item.
Same as item: Possible or definite identification with another item (e.g. as occurs if an item has been in more than one site).
Organization Id (Census Id): Organization identification for item which is in a museum or the like, or the Census of Stained Glass Windows in America identification.

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