Cambridge 2000: Hills Road: War Memorial

Description: Hills Road: War Memorial
Date built: 1922
Architect: Robert Tait McKenzie
Hills Road: War Memorial (Robert Tait McKenzie) map for Hills Road: War Memorial
Date photograph taken: 31 May 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

A simple yet effective war memorial. It was originally built to commemorate the Great War (First World War), and was unveiled in July 1922, but the inscription was later updated for the Second World War. The sculpture is called The Homecoming and the soldier is looking towards the train station.

For many years it was located in the middle of Hills Road at the intersection with Station Road, not exactly the quietest of locations, and in July/August 2012 it was moved to the side of the road seen behind the memorial in the photo, near what was its original location.

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