Cambridge 2000: Whitehouse Lane: Howes Close

Description: Whitehouse Lane: Howes Close
Date built: 1852
Whitehouse Lane: Howes Close map for Whitehouse Lane: Howes Close
Date photograph taken: 08 Jun 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

This was unoccupied in 2000 with the garden going wild. It was owned by the county government and used by the Cambridge Regional College, but was put on the market for an asking price of 1.5 million pounds (about 2.4 million Euros).

It was purchased by a company which turned it into a hotel (called Felix), which opened in November 2002. They added two blocks of rooms by CMC Architects at the back of, and connected to, the original building.

In 2021, it was proposed to demolish all the buildings on the site, and erect a care home.

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