Cambridge 2000: Huntingdon Road: Thorndyke

Description: Huntingdon Road: Thorndyke
Date built: 1924
Architect: Baillie Scott
Huntingdon Road: Thorndyke (Baillie Scott) map for Huntingdon Road: Thorndyke
Date photograph taken: 08 Apr 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

One of the last Baillie Scott house built in Cambridge, this is typical of his style and is most remarkable for being located in a magnificent and large garden (around four acres, almost two hectares). Although the property is on the busy Huntingdon Road the house is a good 100 meters back from the road.

By an accident of history, this is officially located in Girton, but morally it is part of Cambridge and some day the political boundaries might reflect the reality on the ground.

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