Cambridge 2000: Gonville Place: toilets

Description: Gonville Place: toilets
Date built: 2003-2004
Architect: Freeland Rees Roberts
Gonville Place: toilets (Freeland Rees Roberts) map for Gonville Place: toilets
Date photograph taken: 31 Mar 2004 (Alternative map: Google map)

Located at the southern corner of Parker's Piece, this replaces another toilet block (or public convenience, as some British people quaintly call it), in an attempt to defeat drunks and drug addicts. It is octagonal and is lit up at night with slowly changing colours. If only Cambridge paid as much care and attention to housing in the city.

A second and a third set of toilets was designed by the same architects for the city, and constructed in 2004-2005, on Victoria Avenue, and in 2008, on Chesterton Road, respectively.

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