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Tiffany Census

First Baptist Church, Washington, District of Columbia

Note: the text in the square brackets ([...]) are a short form of references which have been used to deduce the corresponding information.
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Site Id: 10.3.9
Rating: Nothing
Address: 1328 16th Street NW
Location: Washington, District of Columbia 20036, USA
Lat/Lng: 38.90847, -77.03697
Tiffany 1910: Not listed
Duncan 1980: Page 210
Tiffany 1897: Not listed
Tiffany 1893: Listed
Tiffany 1886: Not listed
Tiffany/Duncan comment: Duncan 1980 has an entry for the church without listing any items [DUNC1980]
Completeness: High
Building status: No more
Building date: 1890 [ES1890]
Architect: W. Bruce Gray [ES1890]
Comment: The 1890 building was dedicated 12 Jan 1890 and the walls were "richly but appropriately decorated" by Tiffany [ES1890]
The current building for the congregation dates to 1955 [ORG]
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Site Items


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ORG: Organization
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TIFF1893: Chicago Exposition booklet, Tiffany Glass & Decorating Company (1893)
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TIFF1910: A Partial List of Tiffany Windows, Tiffany Studios (1910)

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