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Tiffany Census

Jackson Sanatorium Chapel, Dansville, New York

Note: the text in the square brackets ([...]) are a short form of references which have been used to deduce the corresponding information.
The meaning of the site and item attributes is explained in the glossary.

Site Id: 3.25.1
Rating: Nothing
Address: Health Street
Location: Dansville, New York 14437, USA
Lat/Lng: 42.56852, -77.68966 (approx)
Tiffany 1910: Page 22
Duncan 1980: Page 204
Tiffany 1897: Page 16
Tiffany 1893: Listed
Tiffany 1886: Not listed
Tiffany/Duncan comment: Tiffany 1897 and Tiffany 1910 spell the town as Danville and give the building name as Sanitorium rather than Sanatorium [TIFF1897, TIFF1910, DUNC1980]
Completeness: High
Building status: No more
Building date:
Comment: The chapel was attached to the main building but only the latter still (barely) survives [JS1890, WEB, DEDUCED]
Also of interest:

Site Items Jackson Memorial Window: Our Saviour (1893) (Removed)


Glossary (of terms) and References (as found in square brackets [...])

Status: Removed [DB1924, DB1949, RDC1951A, RDC1951B, GCE1987]
Confidence: High
Memorial name: Jackson Memorial Window
Theme: Our Saviour [TIFF1897, TIFF1910, DUNC1980]
Tiffany 1910: Page 22
Duncan 1980: Page 204
Tiffany 1897: Page 16
Other documentation: [JS1898]
Memorial details: Dr. James Caleb Jackson [JS1898, DB1924]
Donor: his friends [GCE1987]
Date: 1893 [GCE1987]
Inscription: In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of Men // James Caleb Jackson: Founder of This Institution: A Tribute of Affection from Many Friends [DB1924]
Category: Christ
Location: chancel [PHOTO, JS1898, DB1924]
History: Removed from Sanatorium and donated to Dansville Presbyterian Church (SITE:3.25.2) in 1924 [DB1924, DB1949, RDC1951A, RDC1951B]
Installed in Presbyterian Church in 1951 [DB1951, RDC1951A, RDC1951B, GCE1987]
After design: Painting by Heinrich Hofmann [JS1898, GCE1987]
Same as item:


DB1924: Dansville Breeze (3 Apr 1924, p. 1)
DB1949: Dansville Breeze (3 Nov 1949, p. 4)
DB1951: Dansville Breeze (8 Mar 1951, p. 7)
DEDUCED: Deduced from other information
DUNC1980: Tiffany Windows, Alastair Duncan (1980)
GCE1987: Genesee County Express (5 Feb 1987, p. 20)
JS1890: The Jackson Sanatorium (1890s)
JS1898: Year Book of the Jackson Sanatorium (1898)
PHOTO: Photo of item
RDC1951A: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (10 Feb 1951, p. 14)
RDC1951B: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (12 Mar 1951, p. 17)
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TIFF1897: A List of Windows: And Extracts from Letters & Newspapers, Tiffany Glass & Decorating Company (1897)
TIFF1910: A Partial List of Tiffany Windows, Tiffany Studios (1910)
WEB: Some general webpage, e.g. for deducing biographical or genealogical information

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