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Tiffany Census

St. John's Methodist Episcopal Church, New Rochelle, New York

Note: the text in the square brackets ([...]) are a short form of references which have been used to deduce the corresponding information.
The meaning of the site and item attributes is explained in the glossary.

Site Id: 3.79.4
Rating: Nothing
Address: Corner of Main Street and Lecount Place
Location: New Rochelle, New York 10801, USA
Lat/Lng: 40.91048, -73.77961
Tiffany 1910: Not listed
Duncan 1980: Not listed
Tiffany 1897: Not listed
Tiffany 1893: Not listed
Tiffany 1886: Not listed
Completeness: High
Building status: Demolished
Building date:
Architect: George W. Kramer [GWK1897]
Comment: Building demolished in 1966 [NYT1990]
Also of interest:

Site Items War Memorial Window: Archangel Michael (1920) (Removed) item has a photo


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War Memorial Window:  Archangel Michael
Glossary (of terms) and References (as found in square brackets [...])

Status: Removed [ORG_NEW]
Confidence: High
Memorial name: War Memorial Window
Theme: Archangel Michael [CMOG2011, NYT1920A, ADVOC1920B, NYEP1920]
Tiffany 1910: Not listed
Duncan 1980: Not listed
Tiffany 1897: Not listed
Other documentation: [CMOG2011, NYT1920A, NYT1920B, NYT1920C, ADVOC1920A, ADVOC1920B, NYEP1920]
Designer: Frederick Wilson [CMOG2011, NYT1920A]
Memorial details: 104 (or 105) from the church who served in WWI: Ernest Adams, Lawrence Bryant Askins, August Leo Beck, Wesley Lyon Barker, Jr., Charles Jacob Bedford, Albert Morgan Bedford, Jr., Everett Elliott Behrens, Sumner Leaycraft Benedict, Valentine Herbert Berges, Percy William Berry, Harrison Worthington Blackstone, John Henry Bloom, William Sultzer Bloom, Leroy Winifield Bouton, William Stanley Bouton, Clinton Brettell, Charles Emile Burkhart, Edward Leslie Burwell, James Donald Cameron, George William Cameron, Kenneth Cameron, Glenn Owen Carter, Charles Clayton Cole, Fred Merritt Cooper, Homer Stanley Cooper, Harold Henderson Deeves, John Russell Deeves, Bertrand Francis Drake, George Ebert, Ferdinand Beaudry Ensinger, Paul Evenson, William Benson Gray, Jr., Edwin Huntington Guest, Ralph Arthur Haegar, James Haviland Hall, Charles Wesley Harman, Jr., Henry Martyn Harman, Edwin Thomas Harman, 2nd, Harold Harrisson, James Orlando Harrisson, Jr., David Lyon Hawthorne, William Lyon Hawthorne, Ralph Merritt Hitchcock, William E. Holliday, Harold Berresford Hubbell, James Kenneth Huntington, Harry George Ingham, Gustave Adolph Innecken, Robert Richard Jones, William Westlake King, Frederick Hohenthal Klein, William Andrew Klein, Arthur Trumbull Kolbe, Herman Archibald Langbein, Fred George Lauer, Harry William Lauer, Howard Pierre Lecount, Shearwood Lecount, Walter Theodore Leon, Charles Albert Leonard, Walter William Lippoth, William Robert Lippoth, Jr., William R. Lippoth, Frank Mortimer Lyon, Jr., Eugene Carlton McCarthy, William Martin McCarthy, Joseph Malcolmson, Wilfred Pierre Martin, Howard Milton Miller, Jr., Ernest Huber Miller, Charles Russell Morton, John Raymond Mullineaux, Walter Edgar Mullineaux, Charles Willis Nickerson, Alfred Bernard Oake, George Francis Oake, Walter Irwin Opsann, Frederick Oscar Palmer, Charles Pullman Porter, Charles Wesley Post, Clarence Heyward Post, Everett Guion Post, Ellsworth Remsen, Robert Harry Russell, Louis Frederick Schwartz, Jr., Clifford George Sears, Walter Edwin Shearwood, Harold Wallace Silleck, Harry William Six, Jr., Leonard Prentice Smith, Robert Albert Smith, Charles Leroy Spencer, Harvey Edwin Stahl, Edwin Wallace Spencer, William Moore Stillwell, Alfred Bacon Stoddard, Gordon Greeley Thurlow, Burton Watson Wagner, Edwin Conrad Waldvogel, Leroy Roland Waldvogel, Chester Alexander Walworth, Clarence John Jacob Wolf, George Milton Wolf, Charles Randall Zeidler [CMOG2011, ADVOC1920B]
Donor: over 200 subscriptions by the church and congregation [NYT1920B]
Date: Design submitted ca. Dec 1919 [ADVOC1920A]
Window exhibited Oct 1920 [NYT1920A]
Dedicated 21 Nov 1920 [CMOG2011, ADVOC1920B]
Lancets: 3 [PHOTO, CMOG2011, ADVOC1920A]
Inscription: IHS // 1917 // THEY COUNTED NOT THEIR LIVES DEAR UNTO / THEMSELVES THAT MIGHT SERVE // 1918 (and the names of those who served in the side panels) [PHOTO, CMOG2011, ADVOC1920B]
Category: St. Michael; War Memorial
Cost: $12000 [ADVOC1920A]
History: Stored in Christ United Methodist Church, New Rochelle, NY after removal from St. John's in ca. 1966 until ca. 1990 [NYT1990]
Currently in the Driehaus Collection, Chicago, IL [ORG_NEW]
Comment: The chairman of the Memorial Committee was Charles S. Porter [NYT1920B]


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ORG_NEW: Organization that is new owner
PHOTO: Photo of item
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