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David and Helen Maitland Armstrong Census

St. Saviour's Episcopal Church, Bar Harbor, Maine

Note: the text in the square brackets ([...]) are a short form of references which have been used to deduce the corresponding information.
The meaning of the site and item attributes is explained in the glossary.

Site Id: 19.4.1
Rating: 1 star
Address: 41 Mt. Desert Street
Location: Bar Harbor, Maine 04609, USA
Lat/Lng: 44.38714, -68.20691
Completeness: High
Building status: Extant
Building date: 1877-1878 [NRHP1995]; 1889-1890 [NRHP1995]; 1901-1902 [NRHP1995]
Architect: Charles Coolidge Haight [NRHP1995]; Rotch and Tilden [NRHP1995]; Baker and Dallett [NRHP1995]
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Site Items Pendleton Memorial Window: Archangel of Resurrection (1893) (Extant) item has a photo


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Pendleton Memorial Window:  Archangel of Resurrection
Glossary (of terms) and References (as found in square brackets [...])

Status: Extant [PHOTO]
Memorial name: Pendleton Memorial Window
Theme: Archangel of Resurrection [NYTR1893, CRIT1893]
Documentation: [NYEP1893, NYTR1893, NYT1893, CRIT1893]
Memorial details: Anne James Pendleton (22 Feb 1810 - 7 Feb 1891) [NYEP1893, NYTR1893, NYT1893, CRIT1893, BHR1893, PI1893, FINDAGRAVE]
and also Nathaniel Greene Pendleton (25 Aug 1793 - 16 Jun 1861) [NYEP1893, NYTR1893, CRIT1893, PI1893, FINDAGRAVE]
Donor: their children, Edmund Henry Pendleton and Charlotte Pendleton [NYEP1893, NYTR1893, NYT1893, PI1893, CRIT1893, BHR1893, FINDAGRAVE]
Date: Exhibited 4 Aug 1893 [NYEP1893]
Installed 10 Aug 1893 [NYEP1893, NYTR1893]
Size: 9.5 foot in diameter [NYEP1893]
10 foot in diameter [BHR1893]
Category: Angel of Resurrection
Location: eastern end [BHR1893, PHOTO]
Cost: about $1800 [NYTR1893]
$1850 [NYEP1893]


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FINDAGRAVE: Findagrave.com, for deducing biographical or genealogical information
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NYEP1893: New York Evening Post (5 Aug 1893, p. 2)
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NYTR1893: New York Daily Tribune (5 Aug 1893, p. 10)
PHOTO: Photo of item
PI1893: Philadelphia Inquirer (9 Sep 1893, p. 6)

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