Cambridge 2000: Horse Chestnut Avenue

Description: Horse Chestnut Avenue: long tree-lined road (North West Cambridge site)
Horse Chestnut Avenue map for Horse Chestnut Avenue
Date photograph taken: 08 Apr 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

If only there were houses in Cambridge with driveways like this, unfortunately this is merely a road leading to a few boring university buildings, and the former Gravel Hill Farm.

In 2001 the university announced that it wanted to develop all of the land that it owned between Huntingdon Road and Madingley Road, stretching from Storey's Way out to the M11. This became known as the North West Cambridge site. The road in the photo is near the eastern edge of the site.

In 2005-2010 the university produced and refined a masterplan for the site, with space for university departments and also with housing, both for university staff and for the private sector.

In 2014 the first new building, the project office, at the end of this road, was finished on the site.

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